New Jersey Marijuana Legislation Stalls

By Shamus Flynn

In a significant turn of events, New Jersey’s marijuana legislation has stalled after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on implementing legislation.

To recap, last year voters in New Jersey approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana (New Jersey Public Question 1); the measure went into effect on January 1, 2021. However, New Jersey lawmakers and the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Board had to draft and agree on a framework of implementing laws and regulations before marijuana officially became legal in the state. The legislative snag appears related to New Jersey legislators’ divergent views on the scope and reach of legislation directed at both protecting and punishing minors. It remains unclear when New Jersey legislators will seek to reengage and pass the necessary implementing laws and regulations.

New Jersey’s legislative impasse demonstrates the fragility that cannabis measures face across the country and illustrates the many administrative, legal, and political hurdles existent in the cannabis space.

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