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Representation for Athletes with NIL Matters

When athletes start to get famous, their name, image, and likeness (NIL) begin to become valuable. Sports agents help athletes build and monetize their NIL to get endorsements and other monetary rewards.

If you oversee an individual’s right to publicity, tread carefully, especially if the athlete you are representing is enrolled in college or university. Student-athletes and their agents are subject to special rules and regulations, and endorsements, appearances, and sponsorship must be negotiated carefully.

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What Is NIL?

NIL stands for name, image, and likeness. Public figures can control how their name, image, and likeness are used, so NIL laws protect an individual’s right to publicity. Many athletes hire sports agents or lawyers to help them oversee their NIL and facilitate deals with businesses.

For example, a marathon runner might hire an agent to help them negotiate sponsorship deals with popular fitness brands like Nike and Salomon or organize public appearances and interviews.

Due to recent policy changes from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)—driven by a seminal court opinion by the United States Supreme Court—athletes at all levels can monetize their name, image, and likeness. Along with NIL agencies and collectives, many sports agents and attorneys have stepped up to help student-athletes negotiate deals.

Our NIL attorneys can help, too.

Navigating NIL Opportunities

Athletes at all levels have plenty of opportunities to earn money from their name, image, and likeness. To make these opportunities possible, however, they must navigate contracts and avoid the legal landmines that may arise.

Student-athletes may have a particularly hard time navigating NIL opportunities due to their relationships with colleges and universities—and the NCAA.

Flynn Giudici helps athletes and agents alike navigate NIL opportunities. We can:

  • Help athletes and agents client stay NCAA compliant
  • Ensure athletes and agents are using NIL properly
  • Defend athletes and agents from allegations of wrongdoing
  • Draft and review contracts and business documents
  • Offer legal advice

Every athlete needs a team to help them protect their NIL and navigate NIL opportunities. Our NIL lawyers would be proud to serve on yours.

We represent athletes directly and help them make the most of NIL policies.

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