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Ever since California legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2016, various sectors of the industry have flourished with new businesses. Despite legalization, there are still many local, state, and federal regulations to which all cannabis businesses must adhere. If you’re an entrepreneur or already involved in the industry, having a lawyer can protect your company and business interests.

We at Flynn Giudici can offer the legal support any company needs in the cannabis industry. Our wealth of experience means we have the competency, knowledge, and skill it takes to assist business owners with any big or small issue that affects them. If you’re trying to start a business, seek investment, require regulatory support, or have another need for legal assistance, rest assured that our cannabis attorneys in Newport Beach have you covered.

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Grow Your Cannabis Business with Confidence

Although cannabis has been fully legalized in California for about five years, there are still many regulations and legal questions business owners can encounter.

For example, a cannabis retail business must ensure it can qualify for and maintain a marijuana sales license for each of its locations. There may also be important local zoning ordinances that limit where cannabis companies can establish and how many can operate in a given area. Businesses involved in the cultivation of cannabis are also subject to heavy regulation at the state and county levels.

If you wish to operate a cannabis business of any kind, ensuring your business operates within these regulations is the first step you must take toward success. Recreational and medicinal marijuana are growing industries in California, but our cannabis attorneys in Newport Beach can provide the guidance you need to ensure your business is protected.

Our Legal Services for Cannabis Companies

Flynn Giudici can provide a number of services to address legal issues like these:

  • Licensing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Seed-to-sale integration
  • Dirt-to-dollars guidance
  • Business transactions
  • Taxation matters

There are many more legal issues in the cannabis industry that business owners of all kinds must face. If you are dealing with one of these or another matter you don’t see listed here, reach out to our Newport Beach cannabis lawyers for guidance and support.

Personalized Legal Assistance

We know business owners in this industry expect their attorneys to respond to their needs with custom-tailored service. That’s why we strive to ensure every client we work with at Flynn Giudici knows they can expect personalized legal assistance from us.

Our attorneys can invest time in learning about your company and business goals before offering legal services and strategies that help you address your concerns, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals. When you’re our client, we care about you and your business’s success – rest assured that you can expect attention, service, and communication that reflects our commitment to you.

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