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The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth. In fact, marketing for cannabis products in Nevada reached over $670 million in 2018. However, with increased growth comes an influx of regulations. The legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana use in Nevada is complicated by strict federal legislation regarding cannabis growth, distribution, and use.

Our attorneys at Flynn Giudici understand how frustrating the endless red tape can be for those interested in starting a cannabis business, as well as for veteran investors. We are proud to serve clients like you with your goals, from licensing to regulatory support and everything in between.

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Our legal team is committed to helping our clients understand the convoluted cannabis industry. Flynn Giudici seeks to provide sound legal counsel backed by unmatched industry knowledge.

Providing Counsel for a Variety of Cannabis Cases

There is more than meets the eye when owning and operating a cannabis business in Reno. As more consumers seek out cannabis goods, the state of Nevada is attempting to build a regulatory framework that enforces safety and measures in support of consumer satisfaction.

These regulations present unique challenges for business owners in the booming cannabis industry. For example, Nevada requires businesses to keep track of their entire supply chain. This tracking system operates in real-time to provide product information to the consumer. Establishing supply chain relationships is challenging, and many individuals interested in joining the cannabis space are in dire need of these valuable connections.

In addition to supply chain tracking, the state requires licenses for medicinal and recreational cannabis growers and distributors. These licenses aim to protect the consumer, but navigating the detailed application process can be difficult without an attorney. That's why we offer various legal services to support our clients through each stage of the process. Our team provides high-quality legal counsel backed by experience to help you grow and cultivate your businesses.

Our Reno cannabis lawyers provide the following services:

  • Seed-to-sale integration
  • Licensing assistance
  • Transaction services
  • Tax assistance
  • And more

In a fast-growing industry like the cannabis realm, there are many individuals with innovative ideas and/or life experience to contribute. We know how important it is for our clients to stand out from the crowd.

The best way to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors is to consult a licensed attorney. We can help you build business strategies, implement regulatory requirements, and, ultimately, provide consumers with your quality product.

Helping You Cultivate Your Business

Nevada's cannabis industry gives many innovators and business minds the opportunity to shape the landscape as it grows with time and consumer demand. However, the cannabis industry is mostly uncharted territory for investors and lawmakers. Those interested in starting a cannabis business need knowledgeable support to achieve their goals.

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