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Nick Vander Poel


Long considered a trusted advisor to private industry, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, commerce organizations, and much more, Nick brings decades of experience serving as a government affairs expert and lobbyist. Clients turn to Nick because he routinely draws on his deep political and regulatory connections in Nevada and abroad to help advance legislation, navigate red tape, and facilitate positive outcomes for his clients. Maneuvering within the legislative and bureaucratic process—at the federal, state, and local levels—requires skill, grit, and resilience. This is precisely where Nick thrives.

Nick’s background speaks for itself. From 2015 to 2021, he worked as a lobbyist at a Nevada-based lobbying firm, where he spent 6 years building and working with a diverse portfolio of clients. Before that, Nick worked for a national nonprofit where he focused on grassroots and political education. In this capacity, he broadened his relationships well beyond Nevada. Indeed, Nick served as a trusted advisor and resource for the nonprofit where he led a variety of successful campaigns across the United States.

Prior to his work with the nonprofit, Nick received an appointment to serve in the Nevada Governor's office working on legislative issues. In 2008 he was responsible for oversight of the Governor's 200+ Boards and Commissions, including board appointments and community outreach.

Nick’s professional career began on Capitol Hill in 2003, interning for a Nevada Congressman until a Nevada U.S. Senator recruited him to work on a variety of issues. He then returned to Northern Nevada, accepting a position in a Congressional district office as a regional representative focusing on military, veterans affairs, transportation, and public safety issues.

After growing up in Northern Nevada and Northern California, Nick graduated from Fresno State University with a bachelor of science in agriculture economics.