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When you receive an unfavorable court decision, it can feel like you have exhausted all of your options. In many situations, however, you can and should seek relief with an appellate court. In contrast, if you earned a victory at the trial court, preserving your successful judgment can hinge on winning again on appeal. Thus, pursuing your appeal—or defending your trial court judgment on appeal—is often pivotal to achieving a positive outcome.

Cases on appeal are often decided on the papers alone—with no opportunity for oral argument. It is crucial, then, that your appellate lawyers possess exceptional appellate writing skills and can craft compelling arguments. Suffice it to say, when considering an appeal in Nevada or federal court, you will need experienced legal representation familiar with the appellate courts to help you understand and consider potential solutions. Our lawyers at Flynn Giudici have experience clerking for a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge, drafting appellate briefs in state and federal court, and participating in oral argument. We are prepared to advocate for your case in both state and federal courts.

And in addition to helping our own clients, we assist, consult, and strategize with other counsel to improve appellate briefs and prepare for oral argument.

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Our Appellate Legal Services

Winning on appeal requires convincing a higher court that a lower court either erred in its legal determination or, in contrast, correctly ruled on the dispositive issues. To accomplish this, appellate attorneys must be able to spot the relevant issues and make compelling, persuasive arguments.

Unfavorable legal decisions can quickly imperil commercial development. They can impact an organization’s licenses and permits or kill an impending project. Setbacks can range from a temporary burden to a permanent, immovable obstacle—resulting in the inability to conduct business.

Our team has a deep understanding of relevant local, state, and federal statutes and case law governing a wide range of legal issues, particularly as they intersect with cannabis, gaming, environmental, energy, and zoning industries and related conflicts. We represent business owners, developers, landowners, and entrepreneurs working in these sectors to help them advance their commercial interests and achieve their goals.

Why are We Right for Your Business Goals? 

  • Experience with Cannabis as it Relates to Business Law
  • Marine Corps Background & Veteran Community Support
  • Licensed to Practice in Nevada & California
  • Consultations to Evaluate Your Business Needs

Moving Your Project Forward

We understand what is at stake. Our goal is to help your project or deal move forward, which means successfully appealing and reversing a lower court’s decision or defending your trial court judgment on appeal. We are familiar with both Nevada and federal appellate courts and the processes involved in filing and arguing an effective appeal.

We understand how appellate courts function and what appellate judges look for when adjudicating cases. Our attorneys can identify potential weaknesses in the arguments and evidence in previous litigation and adjust and augment your position as necessary on appeal.

Should an initial appeal not achieve a favorable outcome, we can advise on additional legal options that may be available. This can include appealing to a higher court and identifying alternate means of solving your legal problem.

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We Will Explore Every Option

Our Nevada and California appellate law attorneys at Flynn Giudici are committed to helping you succeed in court. No matter the size or complexity of your case, we can give you the individualized attention you deserve. If you are interested in a consultation with us, we will assess the facts, evidence, laws, and previous litigation to help you make an appropriate decision.

We are prepared to do whatever it takes to help get you the favorable outcome you need.

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