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Building and maintaining a successful business is not easy. You are likely to face numerous legal obstacles throughout the lifetime of your venture. If you are new to an industry, you may encounter problems you never initially anticipated. To make the most of your time, resources, and great ideas, you likely will need the assistance of a law firm dedicated to protecting and championing business of all shapes and sizes.

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Our Nevada and California business lawyers at Flynn Giudici offer a full suite of legal services to first-time and experienced entrepreneurs and business owners. We are well-versed in handling the regulatory challenges inherent to starting and growing a business in Nevada and can help get your idea off the ground. Our team can assist in the evolution of your business through each stage of its lifecycle—from formation to exit.

Invested in Your Success

We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients. We want to help Nevada and California business owners realize their goals and will work to facilitate the success of their ventures. Our team is committed to serving the full needs of entrepreneurs and business owners and can offer you the individualized, personal level of legal attention you need to succeed.

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Our Business Law Services

We are committed to aiding Nevada and California entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of business ownership. We are prepared to serve as your long-term advocate or assist in case-by-case matters as necessary.

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Our Nevada and California business law attorneys can assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Idea-to-exit services. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners realize their ideas into profitable ventures. We can help build a company from the ground up, nurture it throughout its lifecycle, and then help negotiate a smooth exit.

  • Entity formation. Protecting you and your business’s interests requires the creation of a formal entity. We can assess your goals and help you formally structure and organize your entity.

  • Contract drafting, negotiating, and review. Successful companies are built on strong agreements. You will need contracts defining your relationships with your employees, vendors, and customers. Our team can assist in the drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of all your agreements to ensure your business’s interests are protected.

  • Intellectual property protection. No matter the industry, your venture will almost certainly generate intellectual property or trade secrets that will require taking proactive steps to effectively protect them. We can help you file for, pursue, and enforce patents, copyrights, and trademarks for all relevant IP. We can also ensure robust nondisclosure and (where appropriate) restrictive covenant agreements to limit the dissemination of company trade secrets.

  • Tax services. Both of our attorneys have advanced taxation LLM degrees. This allows them to thoroughly anticipate and identify taxation implications for you and your business. We can proactively structure your entity to minimize both your business and personal tax exposure.
  • Corporate governance. Directors of a corporation will invariably face challenging decisions throughout a company’s existence. Our team can help your board navigate difficult moments and build a strong corporate governance strategy. Confidence in a company leads to an assured investment, and we are familiar with how to employ effective governance strategies that will benefit your business in the short- and long-term.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and sales. The sale, merging, or transfer of an entire company are among the most complex transactions in business law. We can help facilitate every stage of a deal, from performing due diligence on the involved parties to identifying and resolving regulatory obstacles to negotiating and finalizing sale terms. If you are specifically seeking to exit a company through a sale, merger, or acquisition, we can work to ensure you are best positioned to maximize your investment and achieve your goals.

Additional Services That Can Aid Your Nevada or California Business

Our Nevada and California business law lawyers offer related services that can provide assistance to all businesses. We have experience working in the intersection of business law and the cannabis industry, allowing us to help entrepreneurs break into a booming market rife with opportunity. Our team has significant knowledge and understanding of the state’s evolving cannabis regulations and can help take your enterprise from dirt to dollars.

Our team also has substantial experience working in environmental and energy law, including handling conflicts involving land use and zoning. Our administrative law practice can further assist in these complex areas. If your business is embroiled in a matter involving land approvals, zoning disputes, or some other local regulatory matter, our firm is ready to help.

We can also assist your business with construction legal matters. Our team has experience consulting with clients on a wide range of construction-related issues, including navigating disputes involving construction defects, contractual conflicts, workplace safety concerns, and issues obtaining the appropriate building permits. We can serve as a construction consult to help manage numerous stages of a project’s lifecycle, including facilitating planning and approvals, interpreting and advising on property law, and managing any need for dispute resolution.

Our firm understands how an imperiled construction project can easily jeopardize a broader business endeavor. To that end, we are committed to helping clients resolve construction-related disputes and pushing projects to completion.

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