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Pursuing a development project requires a thorough understanding of how a local community operates. To obtain the necessary land use and zoning approvals to initiate your plans and eventually begin operations, you will need the cooperation of local and state governments.

Penetrating this bureaucracy typically requires an extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and a familiarity with how to effectively cut through the endless arrays of paperwork, hearings, and meetings.

Our Nevada and California land use and zoning lawyers at Flynn Giudici can help make your project happen. We understand state and local laws concerning land use and zoning, including knowledge of local jurisdictions, town boards, planning commissions, and city councils. Our team can leverage our existing relationships and familiarity to efficiently advance your goals and obtain the necessary approvals to get your project off the ground.

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Land Use and Zoning Services We Offer

Local government agencies responsible for city planning and land use usually have the right intentions. So while they often seek to build sustainable, sensible communities, their goals can become muddled when arduous regulations and bureaucratic mechanisms prevent projects from advancing.

Our firm represents business owners, entrepreneurs, and developers seeking to advance projects throughout Nevada and California . We work to help our clients understand the land use and zoning-based obstacles they will face before working to obtain the appropriate clearances as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help you focus on your business, while we manage the red tape.

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Prepared To Help You Move Forward on Your Project

Projects must maintain momentum to avoid stalling or become irreversibly mired in bureaucratic entanglements. Our Nevada and California land use and zoning lawyers at Flynn Giudici understand the importance of efficiently navigating regulatory obstacles and have developed effective practices for helping developments obtain the necessary approvals to move forward. If needed, our team can work to advance your project through the strategic use of variance requests, rezoning proposals, and land-use planning. No development is too small, large, simple, or complex.

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Our Nevada and California land use and zoning attorneys can assist you with:

  • Variances. If the ideal site for your project is positioned in an incompatible zone, we can help you apply for a variance.

  • Rezoning. For projects larger in scope, a complete rezoning may become necessary. This will require extensive work with government officials to facilitate the change, which typically includes public hearings grappling with extensive community objections.

  • Land-Use Planning. Many communities in Nevada and California have made combating climate change a priority, resulting in a preference toward developments that make efficient and sustainable use of the state’s resources. We are experienced in handling environmental and energy law matters and can help you craft proposals that will demonstrate your project’s relevant benefits.

  • Site Plans. Local governments and planning committees will require thorough documentation of your proposed venture. We can help review the content of all applications, documents, and plans to flag potential concerns and advise changes that could help smooth the approval process.

  • Appealing Adverse Zoning Decisions. In some cases, a local government agency might reject requests for variances or rezoning despite good-faith efforts to demonstrate the viability of your project. We are familiar with how to appeal these decisions and adjust strategies to pursue a favorable outcome.
  • Cannabis and Gaming Industry Support. Nevada and California's cannabis and gaming industries are heavily regulated, even relative to other business sectors. They often require specialized licenses that can be limited in number and difficult to acquire. Local communities also often have specific zoning requirements for where they can be located. Our team can support developers seeking to enter either of these industries.

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