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Both Nevada and California offer bountiful natural resources, which can present business opportunities for companies seeking to utilize the state’s environmental and energy-based assets. Business operations involving environmental or energy resources are often heavily scrutinized by government and regulatory agents.

Navigating any business matter involving energy or environmental resources likely requires the experience, knowledge, and skill of qualified legal professionals. Similarly, facilitating high-stakes deals requires a full understanding of the regulatory implications to both achieve the desired outcome for all parties and maintain compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Our Nevada and California attorneys at Flynn Giudici are prepared to assist businesses engaged in energy and environmental transactions, advise on regulatory compliance for new developments, and litigate or settle disputes. Our team can work with projects from the ground up or step in to negotiate conflicts that threaten to derail months or years of development. No problem is too large or complex for our firm.

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    We can assist with a wide range of businesses within the environmental and energy industries, including:

    • Natural gas producers (including oil, coal, and gas)
    • Alternative and renewable energy producers (including wind, solar, hydroelectric, ethanol, and biomass)
    • Energy consumers of any scale
    • Energy service providers
    • Independent power producers
    • Mining companies and facilities
    • Aviation companies and facilities
    • Real estate companies and matters
    • Recreation companies

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    Project Development

    If you are preparing to pursue a project that impacts—directly or indirectly—Nevada’s or California's natural resources, you should prepare to encounter an enormous level of regulatory red tape. Many problems associated with clearing government hurdles and obtaining approvals can be anticipated, prepared for, and avoided through proper planning at the beginning of development.

    Our team is able to assist your business from the genesis of an environmental or energy-related project. We can assess your goals, review the details and plans of the development, and identify any potential obstacles and advise you on how to potentially circumvent them. Our firm’s experience in working in energy and environmental law allows us to proactively prepare for each phase of a project’s progress.

    Contract Services

    Agreements form the bedrock of any venture, especially those involving environmental and energy transactions, which require a meticulous understanding of this area of the law.

    Contracts between involved parties, independent contractors, land developers, and even the government must be thoroughly vetted to protect your interests and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

    We can review, draft, and negotiate any necessary contracts to advance your project. Our team is familiar with these types of agreements and the requirements necessary to comply with any government scrutiny you might experience.

    Land Use and Zoning

    Navigating complex land use and zoning laws can be frustrating for heavily regulated industries like cannabis or gaming. The state of Nevada requires that potential business owners looking to pursue projects in these and other industries clear numerous legal hurdles before a development can even begin construction, much less start operations.

    In many situations, business owners will need to submit detailed plans, participate in lengthy public hearings, and even discuss projects directly with government officials. Our firm can help you manage and simplify your role in pursuing an approval.

    Conflict Resolution

    Myriad conflicts can emerge throughout the course of a project’s lifecycle. A partner, independent contractor, or construction worker might not live up to their obligations. A group of citizens might protest about what you are building and where you are building it. Or an overzealous government official might order an investigatory probe. Regardless, our team can help your project overcome conflicts that might arise.

    We Are Here for You

    Advancing any project involving environmental or energy resources involves jumping through numerous hoops at each stage of the development. Our Nevada and California environmental and energy law attorneys at Flynn Giudici are experienced in facilitating projects from the nascent stages to completion and are prepared to help your venture succeed. We have a strong understanding of relevant state laws and can counsel your team on how best to keep your project moving forward. Any endeavor will present unique challenges, but we are prepared to leverage our legal abilities to help you overcome each and every one.

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