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When you have a great idea for a business, you need to form the proper entity that enables you to work toward your goals, protect your interests, and set you up for success. If you are a new entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, you will need to understand the distinguishing factors of each type of business entity. It is also important to learn how your choice of business entity will influence your operations, impact your liability, and interact with local, state, and federal laws.

Our Nevada and California business formation lawyers at Flynn Giudici have a thorough understanding of business law and are prepared to help get your venture off the ground. We can assess your enterprise’s short- and long-term goals and advise on what entity type will help you achieve them. No idea is too large or complex for us to handle. Our team can guide you through each step of the organizational process and provide any other legal services you need to get started.

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The Importance of Forming a Business Entity

If your business idea is relatively small in scope or only involves your investment in or cooperation with existing ventures, you may wonder if it even makes sense to create a formal entity. While it is true that you can typically conduct transactions or make investments informally as an individual or partner, failing to establish a formal entity can severely restrict your business’s ability to grow and expose you to significant liability.

There are legal responsibilities for business operations run without formal organization. As just one small example, sole proprietorships involve an individual conducting business without any formal organization protecting them. Should your business be the subject of legal action, you can—depending on the circumstances—be personally liable. To avoid this scenario, it often makes financial and legal sense to formally organize your business and structure it in a way that separates your business’s liabilities from your personal liabilities.

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