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In many ways, a business is only as successful as its leadership. In a corporation, that leadership takes the dual form of both corporate officers and the board of directors. Maintaining strong corporate governance is critical to the health of a company, as it shapes investor confidence and equity valuation.

Boards of directors will inevitably face challenging decisions and conflicting pressures from their shareholders. The choices they make will both have practical consequences and shape perceptions and the company.

Our Nevada and California corporate governance lawyers at Flynn | Giudici PLLC are prepared to consult and advise your corporation’s board of directors in every area of your business. We have a deep understanding of business law and can assist your board understand the potential implications of their decisions. Our team can also serve as the communications arm of your company’s leadership, serving as a window of transparency and relationship manager to shareholders and potential investors.

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Enhancing Investor Confidence With Effective Governance

Investors like transparency. They want to know where their money is going, what it is in service of, how it is being used, who is using it, and what their return might be.

Effective corporate governance will help answer these questions and instill confidence in investors. If investors believe a corporation’s leadership have strong systems in place that historically result in rational, productive decisions, they are more likely to invest.

This means your business will need to establish a clear identity, intent, and direction. Through your leadership, you will have to communicate why your company exists, what it hopes to accomplish, and how it measurably plans to get there. As your company ages and makes successful decisions, you can foster trust among investors and the community at large.

Part of building that trust means proving that corporate officers, directors, and shareholders have aligned interests. Through the publishing of clear rules and systems, often communicated through a corporation’s formal bylaws, leadership can communicate to investors that everyone is working toward the same goal and is incentivized to work together in achieving it.

This also means corporate leadership should operate with some degree of transparency, clearly communicating to shareholders what decisions are being made and why. Should a significant sect of shareholders object to a position, the opposition should be recognized and addressed.

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