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We have a deep understanding of Nevada and California's cannabis industry and can work to obtain the licenses you will need to get involved. Our firm can also work to minimize liabilities and ensure compliance with evolving legislation throughout your operations.

Successfully starting, running, and growing a cannabis business in the state of Nevada and California will almost certainly require the assistance of qualified legal professionals. The industry is heavily regulated at the local, state, and federal level, with business owners required to keep extensive records, meet numerous reporting conditions, and maintain difficult-to-acquire licenses.

Our Cannabis Lawyers in Nevada & California

It can be easy to become mired in red tape, but you do not have to go it alone. Our Nevada and California cannabis law lawyers at Flynn Giudici are intimately familiar with the laws and regulatory bodies that govern cannabis businesses. We have experience working with cannabis as it pertains to business and tax law and are prepared to give you the support you need to overcome any legal challenge or obstacle your venture might face.

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Let Our Cannabis Law Lawyers In California & Nevada Help You Grow Your Business

The Nevada and California cannabis industry is relatively new and awash with opportunity, but it can also be difficult to penetrate with its stringent regulations and dizzying combinations of:

  • Local laws
  • State laws
  • Federal laws

Our goal at Flynn Giudici is to help our clients succeed whether you are starting, growing or selling your businesses. Our cannabis lawyers are committed to guiding you through each stage of Nevada’s and California's booming—but still nascent—cannabis industry, from:

  • Assisting in your entity formation
  • Working to obtain the necessary licenses
  • Ensuring continued compliance with evolving legislation

Our Nevada and California cannabis lawyers are passionate about this emerging industry and will do whatever it takes to help your venture succeed.

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Legal Services We Offer for Nevada and California Cannabis Businesses

Starting and building a cannabis business requires a rigorous knowledge of the rules, regulations, and laws to which your venture will be subjected. You will also need to understand the machinations of how the industry and its players function as well as best practices to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of your operations. Our team of cannabis lawyers understands how strong cannabis businesses are built and can work to provide you with the competitive advantage integral to gaining a foothold in the state.

Why are We Right for Your Business Goals? 

  • Experience with Cannabis as it Relates to Business Law
  • Marine Corps Background & Veteran Community Support
  • Licensed to Practice in Nevada & California
  • Consultations to Evaluate Your Business Needs

Our Nevada and California cannabis law attorneys can help your business in the following areas:

  • Dirt-to-dollars guidance. Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or a seasoned investor, we offer a full suite of legal services that can help you penetrate the Nevada marketplace and build a successful cannabis business that will achieve your goals. Our team can advise on strategic decisions, identify potential risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and help forge critical supply chain relationships. As your cannabis business grows to satisfactory levels, we can work to facilitate a smooth exit that maximizes your investment while protecting your interests.

  • Seed-to-sale integration. All Nevada businesses are required to maintain a “seed to sale” program that tracks the entirety of your supply chain, from propagation to consumer purchase. This gives law enforcement and regulatory bodies the ability to evaluate your regulatory compliance in real time. It also allows you to engage in quality control, improve workflows, and provide additional product information to customers.

  • Compliance advice. Maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal laws is essential to protecting the licenses that you need to lawfully operate a cannabis business in Nevada or California. We can evaluate the operations for new and existing businesses to confirm that all requirements and conditions are being met, perform due diligence on potential concerns, and advise on short- or long-term changes that might become necessary.

  • Licensing assistance. Depending on the goals of your cannabis business, you may need multiple commercial licenses in the state of Nevada and the various localities. Cannabis intended for recreational versus medical use requires separate licenses. Establishment types are further segregated, for example, cultivation, production, testing, dispensary, and retail store facilities each require a separate license. Our team can help identify what licenses you will need to operate and work to procure certificates as efficiently as possible.
  • Transaction services. Even the minutiae of corporate governance and transactions must be carefully considered when cannabis is involved. Transfers of interest and management agreements for cannabis licenses require state and local approval. Which can be a complex and time consuming process. Our team is capable of assisting with large transactional services, including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures in addition to ongoing counsel. We can also help businesses get started from the ground up, including advising on what type of entity should be formed and assisting in the state registration process.
  • Regulatory support. Laws and regulations are constantly changing and vary by jurisdiction. Our legal team can keep you apprised of any new or anticipated regulatory changes that could impact your business and work to ensure your business operations, including points of sale, transportation, production, and inventory tracking, meet all local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Tax assistance. Given that Nevada and California statutes authorizing the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis exist in conflict with federal laws involving controlled substances, navigating the tax implications of a cannabis business can be especially difficult. Our lawyers have advanced tax degrees (LLMs) and are familiar with how to manage the intersection of cannabis law and tax law.
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