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The cannabis industry is heavily regulated by the states of Nevada and California, especially in the wake of recreational products being authorized for adult use. Participating in the state’s quickly growing industry can be exciting and lucrative, but it also requires a complete understanding of what will be asked of you as a cannabis business owner.

Cannabis businesses are required to maintain specialized state licenses, exhaustive records of their inventory and its movements, and thorough levels of cleanliness and security in their facilities. These local and state laws can be difficult to parse and continue to evolve. The cost of noncompliance can be high: failure to follow cannabis-related legislation in the states of Nevada and California can result in fines, the loss of your business license, and even criminal charges.

Our cannabis compliance lawyers at Flynn Giudici are ready to ensure your business is observing all relevant laws. We have a thorough understanding of Nevada and California regulations and how they are enforced. Whether you are looking to start a business or are looking to expand an existing business into the cannabis industry, our team can evaluate your operations and advise on how to maintain compliance as required by the State of Nevada and California's Cannabis Compliance Board.

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License Compliance

All businesses that conduct transactions involving cannabis products must have the appropriate license. Separate licenses are required for businesses seeking to operate facilities for either medical or recreational purposes. The state also requires that all cannabis product go through careful testing protocols, meaning a plant will need to pass through several different facilities before reaching a dispensary or retail store.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need multiple licenses in order to lawfully operate. Distributors of recreational cannabis products and businesses that support cannabis businesses also require proper state and local licenses. Compliance with other regulatory requirements is necessary to maintain these licenses.

Some cannabis business licenses, like medical dispensaries, are subject to state or local allotment limits. Others can only be pursued during open application periods, as determined and announced by the Cannabis Compliance Board. We can help strategize on how to most efficiently obtain the licenses you will need to successfully and lawfully operate.

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Facility Compliance

Cannabis facilities of all types—including cultivation, production, testing, and sale operations—must all maintain rigorous levels of security, safety, and cleanliness. Failure to maintain these required standards can result in fines or a facility losing its license.

When seeking to open a facility, you will also need to submit policies and procedures that are consistent with state laws and guidelines established by Nevada’s or California's Cannabis Compliance Board. The facility building itself will be subject to several requirements regarding its physical location, type of signage, interior layout, and design. Our team can review the proposed plans for your business and ensure they are compliant with all local laws and regulations and increase the odds of an accepted application.

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Tracking Compliance

Cannabis products must be exhaustively tracked to remain in compliance with Nevada law. The state has an agreement with Metrc, a seed to sale software platform that records the creation, processing, testing, movement, and purchase of each plant and product. Cannabis business owners required to use Metrc to lawfully operate.

These tools allow law enforcement and regulatory bodies to review the movements of your entirety of your supply chain in real time. Though its use is required, one advantage to a seed to sale system is it gives tools to better track your inventory and help your customers understand your product.

We Can Help Keep You Compliant in Nevada

While the cannabis industry is exciting and exploding in popularity, participation in it requires business owners understand and follow a complex, changing series of rules and guidelines in order to remain compliant with state law. Our Nevada cannabis compliance attorneys at Flynn Giudici have a thorough knowledge of Nevada’s expectations of and requirements for cannabis business owners and can help you maintain compliance as you start and grow your venture. Our team has specific experience with cannabis as it relates to business law and is also familiar with how a cannabis-related endeavor can impact your tax liability.

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