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Keeping Our Clients In Compliance with State and Local Regulations

Both medicinal and recreational cannabis remain relatively young industries in the states of Nevada and California. As a result, local governments and regulatory bodies—including the Department of Taxation and Cannabis Compliance Board—have introduced numerous rules controlling the propagation, transportation, testing, operations, and sale of cannabis product.

Understanding the full scope and specific minutiae of these far-reaching regulations can be challenging for newcomers to the industry.

How We Can Help Your Cannabis Business

Our Nevada and California cannabis regulatory lawyers at Flynn Giudici can help you cut through the red tape, ensure your business is in compliance, and work to get you up and running in your state as efficiently as possible. Our team is familiar with how to build cannabis businesses from the ground up and can assist you in formation, planning, licensing, and any other legal services your venture might require.

All cannabis businesses operating in Nevada must follow state regulations. To learn more about how we can help ensure your company follows these evolving rules, call (775) 200-9682 or contact us online.

Determining Eligibility To Own a Cannabis Business in Nevada or California

Business owners must individually meet certain requirements to successfully operate a cannabis business in Nevada or California. Without meeting these requirements, individuals are unable to obtain the appropriate state license. Note that any partners, employees, or volunteers participating in your venture (such as managing a site facility or working in a retail store) are generally subject to the same restrictions.

To learn more about how we can help you traverse Nevada regulations, schedule a consultation by calling (775) 200-9682 or contacting us online.

Maintaining the Proper Licenses

Once basic eligibility has been established, you will need to procure the appropriate Nevada or California licenses permitting you to operate one or more cannabis facilities. Cannabis-related operations are required to be segregated in the state, meaning propagation, production, testing, and sale are discrete entities that each require separate licenses.

Facilities must be exclusively categorized by the nature of their operations and ultimate use. Recreational and medicinal cannabis cannot be processed in the same facility, for example. Some regulations are specific to the type of facility, while others are more universal.

In addition, medical dispensaries and retail stores have specific requirements on how their consumer-facing facilities must be laid out and operated.

Local jurisdictions can sometimes have even more stringent regulations governing the signage, layout, and locations of cannabis facilities. Our Nevada cannabis regulatory attorneys can evaluate all of the relevant local and state regulations to ensure you remain in compliance and protect the validity of your licenses.

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Transporting Cannabis Inventory in Nevada or California

Because cannabis is still so heavily regulated in the state, special steps must be taken to lawfully transport it from one facility to another. For example, cannabis that will be used for medicinal purposes can be transported between licensed facilities by any employee authorized to work at those facilities.

Individuals responsible for the transportation of cannabis product intended for recreational use must have a distributor license issued by the state. State and local regulations surrounding the transportation requirements are fluid and continue to change. We can work to confirm that individuals responsible for the transportation of your inventory have the appropriate distributor licensing.

Tracking Inventory and Purchases in Nevada

One of the most stringent regulatory elements of Nevada and California cannabis law revolves around the overall tracking of a business’s product supply chain. Licensed cannabis business owners are expected to use Metrc a seed to sale program to maintain complete records of their product’s journey from propagation to purchase by a consumer.

Let Us Help You Manage Nevada and California Regulations

Penetrating the cannabis industry can be challenging without qualified legal assistance. The litany of regulations that must be followed in order to begin obtaining the necessary licenses can be difficult to parse and understand, especially for entrepreneurs new to the cannabis business. Our Nevada and California cannabis regulatory lawyers at Flynn Giudici can help you cut through red tape and navigate the state’s rigorous regulations. Our team is made up of attorneys with experience resolving legal matters involving the cannabis industry, and we are prepared to leverage our knowledge to help you build and grow your business.

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