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Nevada and California's cannabis industry is one of the states' fastest growing trades, with the recent legalization of recreational products further contributing to an explosion of new businesses. Many of these opportunities are lucrative, but succeeding in the industry requires a deep knowledge of how to navigate the state’s stringent regulations.

The cannabis industry is still in many ways uncharted territory—with local, state, and federal laws continuing to evolve. To succeed, you will likely need the support of qualified legal professionals familiar with the innerworkings of state bureaucracies and industry players.

How We Can Help Your Cannabis Business

Our Nevada and California dirt-to-dollars attorneys at Flynn Giudici can help take your cannabis business venture from idea to exit. We understand how to forge the deals you need to start your business, take it to the next level, and position you to make a profitable exit. Our robust knowledge of Nevada’s and California's cannabis supply chain, local and state regulatory boards, and best industry practices enables us to advise you on how to best initiate, grow, and elevate your new company.

We are committed to be part of your new business’s success. Schedule a consultation by calling (775) 406-9595 or contacting us online to learn more about how our legal services can help.

Helping You Understand the Cannabis Industry in Nevada and California

We are prepared to support your business from the ground up. Cannabis is a unique industry that requires a full understanding of the relevant and constantly-changing regulations governing its cultivation, production, testing, distribution, and sale.

Our team can evaluate the goals of your business and advise on key business decisions. We are uniquely positioned in the cannabis space because we have extensive insight from working in the field to identify strategic opportunities and flag potential obstacles that could impact your venture. Our team knows the ins and outs of Nevada and California's cannabis industry and can ensure your business model will achieve the goals you are seeking. If you are new to the space, we can help you understand the legal risks and liabilities associated with entering the cannabis industry. Operating in the cannabis space requires special considerations for banking, insurance, tax accountants, and other critical service providers.

We can provide recommendations on proven vendors that will form the bedrock of your operation.

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